Download Free Volumetric Light Beam

Volumetric Light Beam Free Download


Looking forward to adding some lights into your 3D game? Download the free Volumetric Light Beam, a production-ready asset for unity games.

Volumetric Light Beam Review

Every game must have some attractions to keep the gamer engaged within the game. There could be nothing better than adding some lights into a game to make it attractive and entertaining. Either it’s an action game, adventure, or any horror game, the light beams and all kinds of lightings still required for a good impact. This unity lighting asset has made Improving the lightings within the game way easy and smart like never before. From Windows to Mac, Android, to iOS, almost every platform is supported in this game lighting unity asset. In case of improving game images, download the Beautify 2 asset package.

Download Unity Volumetric Light Beam Free

What’s Inside This Volumetric Light Beam Asset

  • A professional and modern asset to deal with lightings in the game.
  • Super easy and simple to work on for adjusting and improving game lights.
  • Lots of light types have been offered to let users add to any game scene as preferred.
  • Totally production-ready asset for every platform.
  • PC, macOS, iOS, Android, and all game consoles also supported.
  • The inclusion of a built-in legacy render pipeline is there.
  • Supporting both pipelines URP and HDRP.
  • Instant import support with no requirement of a complex setup.
  • Performs on platforms with a low performance like WebGL or Mobile.
  • Completely optimized asset for VR as well.
  • Ready lighting asset for AR along with support for Google Android ARCore and iOS ARKit.
  • Put lots of light beams anywhere as per game scene requirements.
  • Feature of volumetric dust particles for the simulation of detailed elements like dust lights.
  • The feature of the trigger zone for tracking all objects passing through light beams.
  • Adjust or animate anything using its animator or script editor.
  • Built-in fog is provided to use along with light beams.
  • All lighting sample scenes included in the asset.
  • Comes with full source code along with detailed documentation.

Download Volumetric Light Beam Free

Asset Specifications

  • Supporting Unity Version: 5.5.0 or higher
  • File Version: 1.91
  • Released on Feb 9, 2021
  • File Size: 661.3 KB

Download Free  Volumetric Light Beam

Click on the download button given below to start downloading the free  ‘Volumetric Light Beam’ for your learning purpose. For commercial use, download this asset from the official unity store and support the developer.


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