Download Unity SC Post Effects Pack Free

SC Post Effects Pack Free Download


Bring amazing post-processing effects for your unity games by downloading an SC Post Effects Pack asset for unity.

SC Post Effects Pack Review

Presenting a brilliant and professional asset package offering lots of post-processing effects to bring attraction into scenes. Its edge detection feature allows developers to highlight the edges of different objects or colors. Projecting animated caustics texture over the scene within the specific height range is also possible. Lots of image blending options have been provided as well. Fix an image to the screen with an overlay feature.  You can also download the Mesh effects asset to bring some improvement into unity game.

SC Post Effects Pack Free Download

What’s Inside This SC Post Effects Asset

  • A brilliant asset to bring post-processing effects.
  • 34 extra screen effects included.
  • Inclusion of color grading LUT.
  • Support of color split feature to simulate the derefraction of color channels.
  • A retro resolution effect creates pseudo pixelart.
  • Easily draw horizontal lines on the screen.
  • Come along with a demo having sample textures and effects.
  • A perfect unity asset for post-processing effects.

Download Unity SC Post Effects Pack

Asset Specifications

  • Supporting Unity Version: 2019.3.0 or higher
  • File Version: 2.1.8
  • Released on Jul 23, 2021
  • File Size: 16.0 MB

Download SC Post Effects For Learning

Click on the download button given below to start downloading the free  ‘SC Post Effects Pack’ for your learning purpose.


Download This Post Effects Pack For Commercial Use

For commercial use, we would recommend you to download this asset from the official unity store and support the developer. OFFICIAL ASSET LINK



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