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Make things and modes more optimized in unity games. Download State Machine asset make unity projects optimized.

State Machine Review

Keep things clean and organize your triggers, actions, and conditions in a simple State Machine, easily re-use them with any type of game object. This is an amazing asset to make everything in a clear and optimized way to avoid any issues or problems. Drag and drop items, components, and everything easily anywhere to make things planned as per ease and preferences. Drag & Drop state machines inside other SM’s to create Sub-State Machines. Download Playmaker, a visual scripting unity asset.

Download State Machine Free


What’s Inside This State Machine Asset

  • Node-Based Graph which works and looks the same way as the Animator editor graph.
  • Re-use State Machines for any type of logic Game Modes, AI, Player Managers etc.
  • Add as many transitions to any node and add conditions to them.
  • Mute transitions.
  • Copy & Paste nodes between State Machines.
  • Drag & Drop regular GC Actions, Conditions, and Triggers to a StateMachine to easily port your previous work.
  • Duplicate State Machines.
  • Add as many Sub-State Machines as you need.
  • Drag & Drop state machines inside other SM’s to create Sub-State Machines.
  • Easily export State Machines to share between projects or to other users.
  • Use any type of triggers, actions, and conditions inside a State Machine.
  • Works with any other official or un-official Game Creator modules.
  • Live Debug runtime states right in the Editor.
  • Compatible with all modules.


State Machine Free Download


Asset Specifications

  • Supporting Unity Version: 2019.4.28 or higher
  • File Version: 0.2.2
  • Released on Jul 30, 2021
  • File Size: 1.6 MB

Download State Machine For Learning

Click on the download button given below to start downloading the free  ‘State Machine’ for your learning purpose.


Download State Machine For Commercial Use

For commercial use, we would recommend you to download this asset from the official unity store and support the developer. OFFICIAL ASSET LINK

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