Download PDF Renderer Free

PDF Renderer Free Download


Looking forward to integrating PDF into the unity platform? Download the complete asset of PDF Renderer for unity.

PDF Renderer Review

PDF is one of the most popular file formats getting used by millions on a daily basis. Almost every other file is available in PDF format and people prefer to read files in this format. Do you want to add the functionality of PDF into unity? PDF Renderer has eased the whole way of integrating and customizing PDF into unity games or the platform of unity. Dozens of PDF features have been provided in this PDF unity asset. This unity PDF asset allows users to open and visualize PDF on a runtime. It would be right to consider this asset as one of the popular unity assets.

Download Unity PDF Renderer Free

What’s Inside This PDF Renderer

  • An amazing PDF unity asset.
  • Perform integrating PDF into unity conveniently.
  • Rendering PDF to 2D texture allowed.
  • View thumbnails and PDF bookmarks.
  • Allows opening PDF from web, file system, PDF asset, etc.
  • Supporting links and text-speech.
  • Use unity UI to work with PDF viewer prefab.
  • Supporting all platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, WebGL, and others.
  • Easy and simple PDF unity asset in use.

PDF Renderer Free Download

Asset Specifications

  • Supporting Unity Version: 5.3.8 or higher
  • File Version: 5.15
  • Released on Mar 10, 2021
  • File Size: 60.5 MB

Download Free PDF Renderer

Click on the download button given below to start downloading the free  ‘PDF Renderer’ for your learning purpose. For commercial use, download this asset from the official unity store and support the developer.


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