Paint in 3D Free Download

Paint in 3D Free Download

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Want to paint your 3D objects and models? Download the Paint In 3D unity asset to paint objects in both the game and editor.

3D Painting Asset Review

A brilliant 3D painting asset has been offered to let users paint any of their game objects or models. This painting asset has made decorating game models very easy and exciting. Lots of colors and brushes have been provided to let users paint their game objects in the game and editor as well. Demo scenes have been offered in this package to let users know how to use this paint 3D unity asset. Moreover, this unity 3D paint asset is offering support for all rendering pipelines. Also, you can download the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack offering lots of animations.

Download Unity Paint in 3D Free

What’s Inside This 3D Painting Asset

  • A professional paint asset for objects and models.
  • Users can literally paint any type of game model.
  • Allows painting in both editing and game scene mode.
  • Standard, LWRP, HDRP, and URP mean all pipelines supported.
  • Supporting lots of devices like mobile, PC, VR, etc.
  • Due to GPU acceleration, every object will be painted with speed and flow.
  • Programmers who understand C# can also use this asset.
  • Offering automatic save and load.
  • Skinned Mesh Painting support provided as well.
  • Paint complex UV seams with ease and professionalism.
  • Paint masking, shader painting, multi-textured painting, and much more features.
  • Dozens of paintings can be performed through this paint app.
  • Lots of 3D paint features included in this software.

Download Free Paint in 3D

Asset Specifications

  • Supporting Unity Version: 2018.4.13 or higher
  • File Version: 1.11.4
  • Released on May 24, 2021
  • File Size: 78.2 MB

Download Paint 3D Asset For Learning

Click on the download button given below to start downloading the free  ‘Paint in 3D’ for your learning purpose.


Download 3D Painting Package For Commercial Use

For commercial use, we would recommend you to download this asset from the official unity store and support the developer. OFFICIAL ASSET LINK


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